Makeup Services 

Fiona Breslin provides professional makeup services to both corporate clients and individuals. She uses the best quality makeup brands for makeup application, and utilises her expert makeup application skills to achieve the desired visual effect.

Professional Makeup Services

Fiona provides a complete range of professional make-up services for a variety of events and bookings.  From editorial shoots and fashion shows to modelling portfolio photography shoots. Fiona is a versatile makeup artist who can expertly create essential beauty looks, as well as special effects, using her refined skills and makeup techniques.

Fashion & Editorial Makeup

Fiona Breslin has an innate ability to acutely interpret fashion in order to provide a make-up look that will achieve the image her client aims to project. She has worked with many industry leading clients, brands, photographers and art directors. Fiona has the ability to convey any clients visual goal and her creation of high fashion makeup styles, ensures that the resulting make-up look will photograph beautifully and stand out for all the right reasons.

fashion editorial makeup
fashion editorial makeup

Glamour & Costume Makeup

As someone who adores glamour and costume, Fiona Breslin is able to fully express her love of history, grandeur and inner beauty in order to bring out the best of her clients features. Fiona loves to create striking and artistic makeup visuals to accompany the relevant setting. Fiona’s natural passion for bold and majestic makeup looks is evident in her work on glamour and costume makeup projects.

Essential Beauty Makeup

Fiona is able to offer natural and contemporary make-up looks that will bring out her subject’s best features. From radiant skin to striking eyes, highlighted cheek bones and defined brows, Fiona knows how to optimise facial features. Her combined use of quality make-up and technical make-up skills, results in a beautiful, yet subtle effect. Her understanding of different skin types, skin tones and bone structures, means that she is able to expertly cater her techniques and make-up application to the individual onto whom she is applying make-up. 

fashion editorial makeup

SFX Makeup

Special FX makeup is commonly used for camera, film or live action theatre, and Fiona Breslin is highly skilled at applying cosmetics and prosthetics to achieved desired effects. From bruises, scars, bloody lacerations and gory special effects makeup, to using modelling wax to alter features. Fiona is a highly skilled SFX makeup artist whose precise use of colours, materials and textures, will make any SFX appear profound, yet realistic.

Theatrical & Stage  Makeup

Fiona has built up extensive experience applying stage makeup while working in the theatre industry as a makeup artist. Stage makeup is heavier than regular makeup, both in texture and pigment. This is to guarantee the visual effect needed for an actors physical appearance to make an impact while on the stage. Fiona can transform an actor’s appearance, she can ensures actors look their best, and can  guarantee they will be seen and recognised by the entire audience.

theatre makeup

"Fiona Breslin has spent a lifetime perfecting her art with practice in Fine art, fashion and craft."

"she absorbs her inspiration from everything around her and expresses her love of history, grandeur and inner beauty, bringing out the best of her clients features."

"FIONA loves using texture and colour to create special artistic resonance through her makeup work."

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